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As you will see from my attached resume, I have been successful and highly versatile as a software expert throughout school-college, with a distinction from the Pune University under Post Graduation in Masters Of Computer Application (MCA), Having carried out multiple projects for various organizations globally alongside with managing my studies have made me a standout Student of the Academic Years 2012-2015. I am now looking to obtain an active position in a growing reputable company where I can contribute my experience, pro-active attitude and positive atmosphere to help improve the company and myself.

During the past 4 years till date I have developed my skills in the fields of development, client relations, integration, server and cloud technologies, etc. Currently working for Vista International Advertising LLC – Dubai as a Full Time E-commerce application developer. Having worked at a startup, during my project internship for the past 5 months as a ‘Project Trainee’ at Accuro Technologies (INDIA) Pvt Ltd.

During my school and college years, I have achieved and underwent many internships and trainings under reputed organizations. Also have been an all-rounder whether it came to sports or participation in academic events.

Being the first born in my family, I have been nurtured in a wonderful environment. From the time of my birth, milestones and all till date everything was and perceived as an achievement, a task well done. The encouragement I receive and still receive from my parents goes a long way in shaping the person I am today. They told me that my life is a gift from God and what I do with it will be a gift to God. I also salute one of my masters in school who inculcated in us good morals and values and also brought to our notice the follies of youth and its repercussions. ‘Be not simply good, be good for something’, ‘You never know what you can do, until you try’ – were his constant reminders. Right from an early age, I was always interested in electronics. Opening up and pottering through old radios and music systems was my hobby. When I was in eighth grade I started getting interested in computers and how they worked. My dad who used to assemble, service and supply custom made computers taught me the inside and outside of them. By the time I finished my tenth grade assembling them was a child’s play. No doubt my father would obviously check it before giving it to the customer. Having mastered computer hardware, I just knew that I had to master in the software part too. So I did my higher schooling in computers and later a graduation in Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA).

I believe that each time we accomplish a particular milestone or task whether it’s something small or big; a seed is sown for the future. Rene Descartes a philosopher, mathematician come writer had rightly said ‘Ergo Cogito Sum’ – ‘I think therefore I am’. I would go a step further and say ‘I think therefore I choose to be’.

Name Joshua Moniz
Date of birth July 16, 1991
Phone +91 8805495481

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